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Stevia in the News

Try stevia aromatherapy in a steam shower.

Pink, Blue, or Yellow Sweetener Packet? No Thanks, Ill Have the New One! 
From Stevia Info  -  2008-12-22
With the FDA's recent approval of stevia, expect to start seeing a new color of zero-calorie sweetener packets soon in a coffeeshop near you. Will consumers adopt this all-natural alternative? We think so.

FDA Approves All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener Stevia 
From Stevia Info  -  2008-12-20
Stevia's FDA Approval to Bring Huge Changes to Sweetener Market

Two Versions of Zero Calorie Sweetener FDA Approved 
From Stevia Info  -  2008-12-19
New Products Sweetened with Stevia Expected from Beverage Giants

Stevia Approved by FDA 
From Stevia Info  -  2008-12-18
Sales expected to sky rocket as Coke, Pepsi plan roll-outs of new stevia-based beverages

Stevia and Diabetes 
From  -  2008-10-27
As a sugar-free sweetener, Stevia may be able to help diabetes sufferers better manage their condition.

Competitive Intelligence Firm Reveals Overseas Suppliers for Top U.S. Stevia Brands  
From  -  2008-10-21
Amazing new trade database provides with an exclusive look at the competitive landscape in the stevia industry. This includes detailed intelligence on all importers of stevia, including contact information for the suppliers.

Stevia Landscapes to Change Dramatically as Beverage Giants Enter the Field 
From  -  2008-08-20
Expect dramatic changes in the stevia competitive playing field as Coke and Pepsi each enter the ring with stevia-derived products.

Losing Weight with a Stevia Diet 
From  -  2008-03-28
Stevia is a wonderful way to help you cut back on sugar intake, a crucial part of any weight-loss program.

The Dangers of Stevia 
From  -  2008-03-27
We take a look at some of the most common claims regarding the dangers of stevia.

Stevia as Part of A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer By Mary Laredo
From American Chronicle  -  2008-02-26
One author's views on a stevia's role in a holistic diet for fighting cancer.

The Harmful Effects of Sugar and Choosing Healthy Alternatives  by Teya Skae M.A., B.A.,Dip Health Sciences, Dip Clinical Nutrition
From  -  2008-02-21

Stevia soon may be approved as food additive in the U.S. By Dr. Terry Gaff
From  -  2008-02-17
A medical doctor on the pending FDA approval of stevia as a food additive. This would allow the product to be marketed alongside aspartame and other sweeteners, instead of being relegated to the dietary supplements aisle.

New natural sweeteners may trigger a sweet shift By Marilynn Marter
From Philadelphia Inquirer  -  2008-02-14
A review of several upcoming natural sweeteners including stevia. The article includes recipes for cooking with stevia. Market Spotlight on Alternative Sweeteners 
From  -  2008-02-08
Major food companies, including Coca Cola and Cargill, are actively working to get stevia-derived sweeteners to market.

FDA Warns About Use of Stevia  By Tyler Mitta
From  -  2007-01-27
The FDA continues to squash stevia desipte its long track record of safe use around the world.

The Changing Market for Stevia by Kerrin Rourke
From Natural Products Insider  -  2006-09-19
This article provides a terrific overview of the history of the global market for stevia.

Producing Sugar-free Honey with Stevia 
From India  -  2006-08-28
Beekeepers in India are producing sugar-free honey by feeding stevia to honeybees.

Is there any safe and natural alternative to sugar? by Tofazzal Islam, MD
From The Financial Express  -  2006-08-26
A medical doctor examines the various healthy, natural alternatives to sugar on the market.

Stevia on Display at New York Herbs Fair by Patricia Doxsey
From The Daily Freeman  -  2006-08-25
Visitors to an herbs fair in New York discovered naturally sweet stevia among the herbs on display.

A New Player in the Sweetener Game by Josh Smith
From Diabetes Health  -  2006-08-21
A popular diabetes magazine reviews the growing use of stevia.

Sweet Herb Suits Writer to a Tea by Pam Empelmayr
From  -  2006-08-18
An author discovers the virtues of tea sweetened with stevia.

How sweet it isn't by Rachel Tashir
From  -  2006-07-06
An Israeli health columnist presents an overview of the problems associated with refined sugar. She recommends individuals consider alternatives such as maple-based sweetener, date or other honey, or the stevia herb (also called sweetleaf or sugar leaf).

The State Of Stevia: A Simple Supplement Or Sensational Sweetener?  By Jimmy Moore
From The Common Voice  -  2006-06-14
An exerpt from the "Living La Vida Low Carb" blog, this article provides infromation about using stevia in a low carb diet. The author also provides information for consumers to contact the FDA to demand that it allow stevia to be marketed as a sweetener, rather than merely as a "dietary supplement."

Stevia can help meet sugar demand  
From The Financial Express  -  2006-06-03
In this article, Herbal scientist Alamgir Mati expounds the benefits of stevia for individual health, as well as for the national economy of developing nations.

Being Healthy Can Be Fun And Fun Can Be Healthy by Donovan Baldwin
From  -  2006-05-18
An uplifting article about how to stay healthy and fit while enjoying the process. The author recommends replacing sugar with stevia in your coffee or tea .

Calorie-free stevia's 11-year war with FDA By Erida Orden
From Newsday  -  2006-05-02
A comprehensive review of Stevia's advantages over sugar and artificial sweetners. The article also highlights the herbal zero-calorie sweetner's struggle to gain approval from the FDA.

Sweet Chemistry: Symposium Explores Sugar Alternatives, Science Of Taste  
From The American Chemical Society via Medical News Today  -  2006-03-29
An overview of the American Chemical Society's recent symposium, "Sweetness and Sweeteners," A group of scientists in Belgium say that there is abundant evidence that stevioside, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar, is not only safe but may prove to be a potent weapon against obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Stevia & Celery Lower Blood Pressure by Chris Gupta with Dr. Hing Hua Tsang
From New Media Explorer  -  2006-03-20
An article about a recent study that indicates stevia and celery can lower your blood pressure. The informative piece provides key insights gleaned from traditional Chinese medicine.

Does Sugar Give You Wrinkles? by Victoria Kirby
From Harpers Bazaar  -  2006-02-01
An enlightening look at the potentially disastrous effects of sugar on your skin. Dermatologists interviewed for this Harper's Bazaar health article recommend stevia as a healthy alternative.

Everything you've always wanted to know about stevia (but the FDA was afraid you were going to ask) by Donna Gates
From Body Ecology  -  2006-01-10
Donna Gates, publisher of, presents information about stevia.

Herbal remedies can provide healthy alternative to energy drinks by Dr. John Stump
From Elberta-Lillian Ledger  -  2005-12-01
Dr. John Stump offers his endorsement for stevia as a healthy alternative to sweetener.

Stevia used as a sugar substitute by Dr. Rachel Roberts Oppitz
From Billings Gazette  -  2005-09-25
Dr. Rachel Roberts Oppitz provides a great overview of stevia's history, its uses around the world and ways to the natural zero-calorie sweetener to enhance your lifestyle.

Living Food for Health by Gillian McKeith, Ph.D.
From Let's Live Online  -  2005-07-07
Dr. Gillian Mckeith, a nutrionist for world-class athletes and members of Britain's royal family, labels stevia is one of 12 "superfoods" with the power to make you feel renewed, rechaged and revitalized.

Could aspartame be to blame for your tiredness? 
From First for Women Magazine  -  2005-07-04
Learn how to identify the symptoms of aspartame sensitivity and flush your system.

An Artificial Sweetener Was Ruining My Health by Lorena Murray
From First for Women Magazine  -  2005-07-04
Read about one woman's health struggles that "miraculously" disappeared when she removed aspartame from her diet.

Stevia - Healthy and Sweet by Jane Shephard
From  -  2005-04-21
Jane Sheppard of explains many of the benefits of Stevia.

Stevia: The Bittersweet Story By Stephanie Rose Bird
From  -  2003-12-18
A great overview of stevia's history and the many benefits of using the all natural, calorie-free sweetener.

Could stevia be the answer to diabetes treatment? by Patrick B. Massey, M.D
From Daily Herald   -  2002-05-20
Patrick B. Massey, M.D., Ph.D., says that stevia presents those suffering from type 2 diabetes with a viable alternative to sugar.

Switch to Splenda May Not Be So Sweet by Dee Woods
From Reporter Oak Lawn-Evergreen Park  -  2001-05-15
Alternative health author Dee Woods reviews the dangers of sucralose and aspartame while offering her endorsement of stevia.

Sweet Nothing  by Bill Strubbe
From Sonoma County Independent  -  2000-09-28
Provides interviews with several stevia distributors who were raided by FDA agents in its unjust war against stevia--a war some say is backed by the producers of artificial sweeteners.

Natural Sweetener Stimulates Insulin Production 
From  -  2000-03-05
A summary of a study from the journal Metabolism indicating that stevia may enhance insulin production in diabetics. The study was conducted on mice, and while its conclusion is tentative, the results offer still more evidence that stevia is the sugar substitute of choice for diabetics.

Sugar alternative stirs debate by Richard Wright
From The Canadian Broadcasting Company  -  2000-02-29
An extensive investigation about stevia from CBC Markplace. According to the article, Agriculture Canada, the Canadian equivalent of USDA, is betting that stevia will be approved as a sweetener, providing a new source of income for Canadian farmers.

Beyond Sugarcoating  by Gregory Tozian
From Organica News  -  1997-08-01
The history of stevia as well as some insightful analysis for distinguishng high quality stevia in the market place.


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